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Multimode fibres

Multimode fibres

Prysmian Group’s multimode optical fibres for the Datacom, enterprises and premises cabling industries are based on our Plasma-activated Chemical Vapour Deposition Process (PCVD), acknowledged worldwide as offering the best core profile accuracy in multimode fibres.

The result is a complete portfolio covering the full  range of application standards, from OM1 and OM2 optical fibres up to high data rate OM3 and OM4, all supported by dedicated customer service that guarantees premium quality of deliveries. All multimode optical fibres produced by Prysmian Group are coated with the microbending reducing DLPC9 coating. Our products cover Local Access Networks (LAN), data centers and server farms, central offices, and Storage Area Networks (SAN).

For all these different fibre types, Prysmian Group associate its fully dedicated customer service, which is warrant for premium quality of deliveries.

Multimode fibres

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