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The most commonly used single mode optical fibres.

Prysmian Group’s Optical Fibre division has a 30-year history of service to the telecoms industry. With innovative products for the full range of applications, spanning long haul, metropolitan, access, FTTx, and premises applications.

Our modeling and design expertise, together with our technology and production processes for premium and innovative optical fibres, is reflected in a complete portfolio of four, mainstream singlemode optical fibre types:

  • Broadly spread G.652 series
  • Submarine and ultra long-haul G.654 series
  • Innovative long distance G.655/G.656 non-zero dispersion shifted fibres (NZDSF) series
  • The G.657 series – bend-insensitive optical fibres, critical for FTTx rollouts.

For all these various fibre types, Prysmian Group brings a superior level of dedicated customer service, support and delivery options.

Single-Mode fibres

For more information about our Single-Mode optical fibres, please contact us.