Prysmian Group sponsors IWCS 2018 International Cable & Connectivity Symposium

Prysmian Group sponsors IWCS 2018 International Cable & Connectivity Symposium

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Prysmian Group is taking part to the IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium from October 14th to 17th in Providence, Rhode Island (USA), the premier venue for new technologies in cable and connectivity products, processes and applications.

Milan, Italy   -   12 Oct 2018

Srini Siripurapu, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Prysmian Group, commented:

The future Gigabit Society, Internet of Things and 5G are sparking numerous changes in the cable world and in the fibre one in particular. Hyper connectivity, autonomous driving, virtual reality, smart cities and homes will dominate soon our life and Prysmian Group is ready to face all of these demands offering innovative products and customized solutions, like the high density cable solutions with Flexible Ribbon designs, Micromodules (Flextubes) and Multi Loose tube designs that will reach densities well above 5f/sqmm.

Also this year, Prysmian Group will be an active part to the conference, with several speeches and panels from its experts. Among the others, Ralph Sutehall, Principal Installation & Applications Engineer at Prysmian Group, will present the new Karona Overblowing System in its paper: “Development of an Optical Fibre Cable Overblowing System” together with Martin Davies and Lee Spicer. This new solution comprehends equipment, cable and installation processes developed to enable higher fibre count cables to be overblown into larger diameter sub-ducts, installing a small diameter, high density fibre cable into a sub-duct that already contains an existing in-service cable. This practice guarantees reduced costs, higher installation speed, reduction in third party inconvenience and minimization of environmental impact and it is now used extensively throughout the UK with a high level of success.

David Boivin, R&D Connectivity Cost and Engineering Manager, will present a paper with title “Comparison Between Proprietary Ruggedized Pre-Terminated Drop Cables and Generic Solutions for Outdoor Optical Access Point” prepared together with Arnaud Le Dissez, Jean-Paul Ferrer, Rémi Clavel, Naima Hamiche, Susana Coelho, Nathan Paddick and Alain Lavenne. The current stage of FTTH networks deployment brings the need for outdoor solutions that are easy to install, reliable, durable over years and cost-effective. For outdoor optical connectivity, several strategies have therefore been developed to meet these requirements. In their paper, they will review the different approaches used from proprietary ruggedized solutions to lately designed alternatives based on standard indoor connectivity. A particular insight will be given on these practical implementations, demonstrating how they could be the solution of choice for Telecom Operators.

Also, the attention to the sustainability of the solutions and to the environment has become key. “In the near future, only user friendly and environmentally safe solutions will be accepted. Speed and simplicity of infrastructure roll-outs will be key, and will be addressed with pre-terminated and pre-configured solutions including hybrid designs”, ended Siripurapu.


This is the list of the Prysmian Group papers/presentations:


  1. Comparison between Proprietary Ruggedized Pre-Terminated Drop Cables and Generic Solutions for Outdoor Optical Access Point
    D. Boivin, A. Le Dissez, JP. Ferrer, R. Clavel, N. Hamiche and S. Coelho, Prysmian Group, R&D Connectivity, Chavanoz, France; N. Paddick, Prysmian Group R&D Connectivity, Hampshire, UK; A. Lavenne, Pyrsmian Group, R&D Cable, Calais, France
  2. Flame Retardant Blowable Optical Cable in Compliance with CPR Requirements
    N. Lazzarin, M Maritano, D. Ceschiat and G. Ferri, Prysmian Group, Milan, Italy; E. Souza, and F. Chirita, Prysmian Group, Slatina, Romania
  3. Analysis of Screening Effectiveness of Data Cables in Automotive Vehicles
    C. Pfeiler, Prysmian Group, Nuremberg, Germany; B. Glowinski and T. Vergin, Prysmian Group, Wuppertal, Germany
  4. Development of Super-High Density Optical Fibre Cable Solutions
    L. Spicer, B. Rische and R. Sutehall, Prysmian Group, Eastleigh, UK
  5. Structurally and Environmentally Robust Flexible Ribbon for High Fiber Density Cables Compatible with Mass Fusion Splicing
    B. Risch, E. Fallahmohammadi and N. Anderson,Prysmian Cables and Systems, South Carolina, USA
  6. Low Weight Micromodule Fig_8 Self-Supported Over-Head Cable and Accessories for a Fast Implementation of Optical Fiber Access Network
    L. Gasca and D. Boivin, Prysmian Group, Champs Sur Marne, France; O. Tatat and A. Lavenne, Prysmian Group, Calais, France; J. Fitz, Prysmian Group, South Carolina, USA; J. Qualkenbush, North Carolina, USA
  7. Ultra-High Density Optical Fiber Cable with Flexible Ribbons in RILT Design
    E. Fallahmohammadi, C. Anderson, B. Wells, B. Risch, J. Sach and J. Barker, Prysmian Cables and Systems Telecommunications Americas, South Carolina, USA
  8. Analysis and Optimization of Shot-Gun Protected Cable for ADSS Application
    A. Lavenne, Draka Comteq France, Calais, France; M. Garcia, E. Ibanez and G. Hernandez, Prysmian Cables Spain S.A., Maliaño, Spain
  9. The Evolution of Microcables: A 192F Family Story
    M. Garcia and F. Rebanal, Prysmian Cables Spain S.A. Maliaño, Spain; M. Wallentin, Linköping, Sweden
  10. OM4 and OM5 Fiber Qualification: Investigating High Speed Optical Detector Performance
    F. Achten, Prysmian Groep, Eindhoven, The Netherlands; M. Bigot-Astruc and P. Sillard, Prysmian Group, Haisnes, France
  11. Midspan Access Tool Selection and Impact on Fiber Damage and Reliability for Microduct Cables
    A. Mattio, B. Risch, R. Lovie, T. Filip and A. Terry, Prysmian Group, North Carolina, USA